Frequently Asked Questions / Support Issues

Below are the most common causes/fixes for logging in problems:

  • Rogue blank spaces at the end or begining of email addresses, please check you email address carefully and delete any trailing or leading spaces
  • Autoflll has entered the wrong email address or password, please check the email carefully and retype the password instead of relying on the Autofill option.
  • You registered using a different email address, please check and try again.
  • Forgotten or incorrect password, use our password reset option to set a new password.

Please login and return to this support page, where specific details and answers will be provided for your record.

All Associate subscriptions with PayPal will cease automatically at their next renewal date and you will find the subscription status on your profile page shows the status of cancelled and includes the Expiry Date. You will have the option to renew in your PROFILE with Stripe, which has a far simpler interface. You can renew before your subscription expires if you wish, however your new subscription will commence immediately, even if your Paypal one ends later than that date. We have also now added the option to renew annually if preferred, or you can stick with the quarterly subscription option.

Please login and return to this support page, where you will find a link to request your record be cancelled.

If you need help navigating our website you can find our user guide at

If you are experiencing technical issues, please log a support issue using our support request form.

Please visit our telegram chat groups where you will find lots more information about the Control Group and where you will be able to chat directly with the team, as well as other participants.

Please use our Contact form to send us an email, we will respond as soon as we can.

You can also contact us via twitter @ Control Group Twitter Page