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A vaccine control group, especially for Covid-19 vaccines, is extremely useful, even necessary, for the following reasons:
  1. We are dealing with a vaccination technology that has never been used in humans before.
  2. All studies that have planned a control group long term, i.e. longer than only 6 weeks, have meanwhile been compromised, i.e. there are no real control groups around, because those originally allocated to the control group have mostly been vaccinated now. So there are no real control groups available.
  3. Covid-19 vaccinations are one of the biggest experiments on mankind ever conducted - without a control group. Hence those, who are either not willing to be vaccinated or have not yet been vaccinated are our only chance to understand whether the vaccines are safe or whether symptoms reported after vaccination are actually due to the vaccination or are only an incidental occurrence or random fluctuation.
Comparing unvaccinated people and those with a vaccination history regarding Covid-19 vaccines long term is important to determine long-term safety, because in many instances in the past some problems only were seen after quite some time. This can happen, if auto-immune processes are triggered, which often occur only in very few people. Hence, it is also important to have a long-term observation period and a large number of people participating.  Prof. Dr. Dr. phil. Harald Walach

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